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We offer you the best high quality premium IPTV Live Streams. More than 7000+ normal and pay tv channels. You can watch all your favorite Sports and Movie channels streams for a low price in awesome quality.

We offer you IPTV streams from England, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Arabic, Albanian, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Serbia, Crotia, Bosnia, Indian, and more.

Server 1 - IPTV Server:
- 3000+ HD and SD High Quality Movie and Sports Streams
- VOD (Video On demand) Movies and Series
- 18+ Adult Channels Availible (can be switch off)

Server 2 - IPTV Server:
- 6000+ HD and SD High Quality Movie and Sports Streams
- More HD Streams - Countries - Sports and Movies
- VOD Movies (Video On demand)
- Important: No adult availible

Server 1 and 2 - Mega IPTV Package:
- 9000+ HD and SD High Quality Movie and Sports Streams
- You receive a subscription from each IPTV Server
- 2x Different VOD Server with hundreds of Movies / Series
- 18+ Adult Channels Availible (can be switch off)
- Always a backup with most important live channels

Important: Server 1 and 2 are different servers. Check both channels lists on which IPTV server your desired channels are present

IPTV Software Support Systems:
- PC ( VLC Player , Simple TV , XBMC , Kodi etc. )
- Mobile and Tablet devices (IOS and Android with supported software)
- Enigma 2 (DM800HD, DM500HD, VU+, Cloud i-box, Gigablue etc.)
- Android TV Boxes, Smart TV and MAG250 / 254 / 256

Watch your favorite IPTV channels all over the world.
No dishes needed only an internet connection.

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Live Stream Fox Sports Eredivisie

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Television Package

More than 7000+ TV, Movie and Sports channels from all countries.

Easy Setup

Simple setup no dishes or antennas. Only an internet connection is needed.

Quality IPTV

Freeze free IPTV. The best technology. No shared connections.

All Countries

Available in all countries with an internet connection.

Suported Systems

PC, Notebook, MAG, Kodi, Phones, Tablets, Android Boxes, Smart TV

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