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IPTV Free Server

If you use a Free IPTV Server you share it with many other users, so the image often crashes. Choose Live Streams 4U Premium IPTV Subscription for best quality and no freezing streams.

Many Free IPTV Server Links are offered on the internet. These links are often freezing or do not work. Before you have found a good working IPTV link, the game you want to see has already ended or has already started.

Premium IPTV Server

The problem can easily be solved by ordering a IPTV subscription at Live Streams 4U. We are one of the best tested IPTV Server Provider and offer IPTV Worldwide. If there is an internet connection you can use our service. We offer more than 7,000 IPTV channels and more than thousend Vods (video on demand).

Why a Paid Premium IPTV Provider:

– Always IPTV Access 24/7
– Best quality and lots of HD IPTV Channels
– No freezes because of Private IPTV server
– Backup popular channels
– No Spam or Viruses
– Vods and Movies Server Availible
– 24/7 Technical Support

Free IPTV Server Problems:

– Do not work at all
– Many freezes popular channels
– Chance of spam when downloading
– IPTV Links work temporarily
– No vods and movies Server
– Bad quality no HD


For more viewing pleasure, a paid iptv subscription is the best choice. Try it out and go to the order page. Complete the order form and choose “free test”. As soon as we have received the request you will receive a 24 hour Free IPTV Test. Enjoy a better IPTV experience now !!

We offer Live IPTV Streams from all countries: Netherlands – Belgium – Greece – Italy – Germany – UK – Spain – Turkey – Norway – Sweden – Portugal – Scandinavian – Arabic – Africa – Tunisia – Morocco – Algeria – Indian – USA – Adult.

Live Streams Sports and Vod Movies | Free IPTV Trial

IPTV Server Stream Device

Frequently Asked Questions about IPTV

How many IPTV streams are availible ?

At the moment we offer more than 7.000 IPTV Streams and more than hundreds VODS Movies and Series

Can I use my subscription in different countries ?

Our service is world wide availible. You can use your subscription with different ip addresses. This means that you can use your subscription on a holiday or business trip. All you need is an internet connection.

Can I use my subscription on more than one device ?

You can setup your subscription with multiple devices but you can only use a subscription once at same time. If you want to use two devices at same time you need a second subscription. MAG Device users cannot swich from devices.

Can I test the IPTV Server first before I buy ?

Yes you can. Fill out our order form and choose “free test”.

What payment options do you offer ?

You can make your payment with Bitcoin – Litecoin – Skrill (Visa) – Mastercard – iDeal (Dutch) – MisterCash (Belgium) – Giropay – Sofort

How long will it take to receive my subscription after my payment ?

When we received your payment we will send you your subscription within one hour.

What is IPTV ?

If you want technical information about iptv go to IPTV Wikipedia